Fall Portraits 1

Fall Portraits 1
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I always look forward to one particular school that I shoot portraits because they prefer to have them outside instead of the standard plain background.

-SB-600 in a shoot-thru umbrella camera right and close to the subject for wrap around lighting,
-SB-26 in a silver umbrella camera left.
-Both flashes have a 1/4 CTO gel on them to warm up the strobes so they match the sunny daylight.
-White balance is set to 'sunny' and I dialed in -2 to add a little blue.
-Shot in manual mode with the ISO at 200.
-Aperture at 5.6 so the background is blurry but the depth of field can't be too narrow since kids fidget.
-Shutter set to 1/200 to make the background 1-stop darker than the subject so they pop out.

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