Does Scott Kelby Sleep?

Do I really need to join the hordes that blow smoke up Scott Kelby's Chimney....well, yes, but not because he's great with Photoshop. This may not qualify as something you can do with just your ears, but during your lunch break you can watch a great photographer work in their studio. You get to see Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, and other pros tweek a strobe or relax a model, see what softbox they use or lens they choose. Kelby Training and D-Town accomplish this brilliantly.

Besides the photoshop tutorials that Scott is known for, Kelby Training has days worth of video on everything from off-camera flash to contract negotiation.

D-Town is free, available as a podcast, and focused primarily on the camera and gear and less on studio lighting or the photography business. You can also search for them on You Tube to see even more.

Michael EinreinhofComment